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The secret of the chill

It is in the structure of the mask that generates vaporization heat efficiently with special cooling thread.

A special cooling yarn "FEEL COOL®️" (*) and 3 layers of super cool masks effectively utilize the heat of vaporization. The effect does not change even after repeated washing, and since no chemicals are used, the mask is safe to use.

※What is FEEL COOL® a special cold feeling yarn?

Nastow Corporation, a towel manufacturer celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, has developed a fabric called "Super Cool Towel", which has sold more than 4 million towels in total.

FEEL COOL®" is a special cold-sensitive yarn, which has a characteristic of feeling cold to the touch due to the high thermal conductivity of the fiber itself.

In addition to the cooling effect of the FEEL COOL® a cooling yarn with excellent water absorption and thermal conductivity and the three-layered structure, the UPF 50+ UV blocking effect protects you from the strong sunlight.

When you wet it with water and shake it vigorously, it becomes cooler by cooling with the use of vaporization heat.

Wake it wet and shake it strongly to cool yourself down with the use of vaporized heat.

When you wet the mask with water, it cools you down by using vaporized heat to cool you down.


Keep your summer cool and active.
Wet and shake to keep you cool.

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English (US)