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This is a functional, lightweight mask with two layers.

The cloth is made of tenugui, and is made of 100% cotton with antibacterial and deodorant finish.

The back side is 100% polyester, which absorbs water quickly
"TASTEX® COOL-EX"*, a technology from the Dutch company Tanatex Chemicals, has been adopted, and you can wear it for a long, smooth feel.

A material that uses cosmetic-derived ingredients that are gentle on the skin.
Xylitol (from birch)-Erythritol-Sugar squalane (from plant)-
Silk protein/undecylenic acid monoglyceride (plant-based)

Imabari made

Ltd. based in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture,

each piece is carefully manufactured with the cooperation of Niiida Bussan Corporation.

For colder use

When it is wet enough with water and worn, it can be used cooler due to the heat of vaporization (water evaporates and the temperature decreases) because it uses water-absorbing, quick-drying material.

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English (US)