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privacy policy

About personal information protection

We may provide your personal information on this site and use it for our services. In that case, based on the "Personal Information Protection Policy", we protect personal information as follows. Target personal information can identify the individual customer, such as the customer's name, address, e-mail address, telephone/FAX number, gender, date of birth, occupation, hobby, etc. provided on this site. information.
We will comply with the laws and norms that apply to the personal information held by this site, and will review and improve our efforts as appropriate.

Date of enactment January 1, 2004 / Date of revision March 1, 2012
Space Age Co., Ltd. President Kenji Yoshioka

Privacy policy

We believe that it is our social responsibility to properly handle personal information in our business activities. We carry out the following efforts to fulfill this responsibility.

1. Acquisition, use and provision of personal information
We do not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use by appropriately acquiring, using and providing the personal information handled by all of our business and the personal information of employees. If we handle personal information beyond the purpose of use, we will obtain the consent of the person in advance.

2. Laws, guidelines and norms concerning personal information
We will comply with laws, national guidelines and other norms concerning personal information.

3. Security management of personal information
We will take reasonable preventive measures and corrective measures against unauthorized access to personal information and leakage, loss, destruction, falsification, etc. of personal information.

4. About complaint and consultation about personal information
We will promptly deal with complaints and consultations regarding personal information.

5. Personal Information Protection Initiatives (Personal Information Protection Management System)
In order to properly protect personal information, we will continuously review and improve our efforts.

Handling of personal information

1. Purpose of use
(1) To provide customers with the earliest information service

(2) When disclosure is required due to law or governmental request

(3) We may disclose your personal information to companies such as business and subcontractors.

(4) To edit and produce video and images

(5) To provide customers with product services

(6) To be used for normal work and contact as basic information of employees

(7) To use for personnel related work

(8) To understand the health condition of employees

2. Use of personal information
We will use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use and will not use it for any purpose other than the purpose of use without the consent of the person unless it is required by law.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties
We will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party without your consent. However, this does not apply in the following cases.

・When the customer has consented to the disclosure of personal information.
・When disclosure is necessary due to law or government request.
・If necessary for the operation of our company, we may disclose your personal information to companies such as subcontractors. In this case, the personal information to be disclosed should be limited to the necessary range only, and the disclosure destination should be

We will thoroughly manage the personal information of our customers by making contracts.

4. Contact for complaints and disclosure
In the case of disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, suspension of provision to a third party, or notification of the purpose of use regarding personal information of customers held by the Company, or when complaining Please contact the following inquiry window.

At that time, in order to confirm whether or not the complaint/disclosure/inquirer is the person in question, we will ask you about the telephone number. After confirming the phone number, we will call you back from here.

We will explain the procedure for requesting disclosure, etc. or the procedure for receiving complaints, and will respond promptly in accordance with our rules.

5. GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)
By using our website you consent to allow third parties to process your IP address in order to determine your location for the purposes of currency conversion. I shall. You also agree that the currency will be stored in your browser's session cookie (a temporary cookie that is automatically deleted when you close your browser). This is done to ensure that the currency chosen when you browse our website is chosen so that the price can be converted into your (visitor's) local currency and to maintain consistency

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