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Super cool mask【COOlly】


Summer cool,active.

Wet shake
Anytime cooling"super cool mask".

In water and wet strength to shake, the heat of vaporization available for cooling and then cool.
Water absorption and thermal conductivity excellent in cool feeling thread FEEL COOL®And a three-layer structure of the coldness in addition to
U PF 50+UV cut function in the strong sunlight from you to protect you.
Festival,Leisure, Sports in.
Outdoor in every scene, suitable for summer cool to spend time together in a mask.

Why,pollen, dust, etc.

Color: white
Size: S-M W11. 0 CM(folding size)×H13. 0cm
Women and the face of men, the elementary school〜children to
M-L-W11. 0 CM(folding size)×H14. 0cm
The men,all like this

Body: polyester/FEEL COOL®
Co., Ltd. International Services Corporation has developed a cumulative sales number of 400 million copies more than"super cool towel"fabric.

* This mask is a virus or pollen to completely block you.
※Felt that if you immediately stop using it.

Customer Reviews

Super cool mask【COOlly】



  • Is it the size for women? Do you have one for men?

    Size: SM W11.0cm (Folding size) x H13.0cm For women, men with small faces, and children in upper grades of elementary school
    Size: ML W11.0cm (Folding size) × H14.0cm Click here for men and those who prefer relaxing

  • How many days will I receive my order?

    It will arrive in late August. After that, it will be shipped within 3 days after ordering.

  • How much is the shipping cost?

    The price will be ¥500 (tax excluded) nationwide.

  • Doesn't it make you feel suffocated when sprinkling water?

    As you use breathable fabric, you won't feel stuffy.
    If you feel suffocating, discontinue use immediately.

  • Don't you feel cold without water?

    Special cold feeling yarn FEEL COOL with excellent thermal conductivity ® Because it uses, it feels cold to the touch.
    By getting wet with water, heat of vaporization is generated and you can feel colder.

Frequently Asked Questions

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English (US)