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Imabari towel mask (3 pieces)

Imabari towel mask 3 pieces

* Sequential shipping from mid-October *

Imabari towel that promises soft touch and excellent water absorption.
Why do not you experience the ultimate comfort of "Imabari Towel Mask" certified by the Imabari Towel brand?

The Imabari Towel brand has the greatest feature of having "excellent water absorption" and promises this. The mask is made of 100% cotton and Imabari towel cloth, and is recommended for people with sensitive skin.
* Imabari Towel Brand: A trademark attached only to Imabari towel products that have passed the quality standards set by the Imabari Towel Industry Association.

Target cold, pollen, dust, etc.

Color: White Size: 10.5 x 18 cm

Material body: 100% cotton (Imabari towel cloth)
Ear rubber: 90% nylon, 10% polyurethane

Accessories: With adjuster

Quantity: 3 sheets

* This mask does not completely block viruses and pollen.

* Sequential shipping from mid-October *
* Please note that items ordered with this item will be included in the package after mid-October.
* We recommend that you order the products you want early, separately.
* If there is a flood of orders, it may take some time before delivery. Please note.

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Imabari towel mask (3 pieces)




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