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Disney Imabari Summer Mask [COOlly] / Mickey Mouse


Disney's design was born in the popular Imabari summer mask [Coolie].

It's cool and comfortable.
The fabric that hits the skin is functional polyester
Moisture is also released immediately, so you can wear it smoothly and comfortably.

Cold, pollen, dust, etc.

Size: [S] Approx. H90 x W140 mm [Regular] Approx. H105 x 180 mm

Material: [Front] 100% cotton [Back] Polyester
* This mask does not completely block viruses and pollen.

Customer reviews

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今治サマーマスク【クーリイ】/ミッキーマウス - 【COOLLY|クーリイ】 - くーりぃ, くーりー, クーリィ, クーリー, マスク, ミッキー

Disney Imabari Summer Mask [COOlly] / Mickey Mouse




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